Caring nurse cat: A mother immediately came to leftover kittens after hearing their cries

A sweet relationship of a cat family consisted of nine kittens 

“Today my cat, who is also a part time nurse showed her love and care. Now she has four seven days old kittens. And recently a shelter called me to inform, that there are still five other abandoned kittens of the same age.

I didn’t think, that my cat would accept them, but I wanted to try. She immediately went to them when she heard one of the kittens’ cries. Now I can call her the heroine mother of none kittens.” told the owner.

All of the kittens were looked after with the same love and attention. Although the five adopted kittens were still ver little their new mother wanted to do everything to make them look clean and cherished.

The shelter gave milk to the kitten’s owner to help the mother cat feed them all. “This morning I started giving milk and they felt a lot better after three feedings.

The foster family decided to keep a well balanced diet for the mother cat to keep her healthy. “I have a heating pad in the house for the family’s comfort and also the room in warm to save electricity.”

Fortunate family! Four kittens enjoyed having other family members. And also the mother cat’s love is infinite!

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