The curious kitten wanted to hide from her adoptive parents, but something went wrong

A really happy ending for a street cat 

A kitten named Amelia was saved from the streets in North Carolina by animal advocates. The baby needed extreme human help.

She seemed to be emaciated and haven’t seem her mother for a long time. And a cat rescue organisation took her.

And the kitten was transferred to one of the staff members for overexposure. The cat grew up in a warm, loving environment.

And when she grew older they started to look for forever home for Amelia. The shelter organised an open day when visitors can take a suitable pet.

Friendly and loving Amelia was amazed by the crowd, that came to her house. She was perplexed and decided to sit in the corner of her cage not to attract attention.

The volunteer told: “The other kittens meowed and played to attract attention, while Amelia pretended she wasn’t there. We thought it would be a good idea to get her a small box, that she could get into and feel comfortable.”

A husband and wife came to the Amelia’s cage. At first they wasn’t able to see anything, but after closer look, they saw cat ears seen behind the blanket.

They calmly took Amelia from her cage and stroked her. Amelia seemed to like her new friends and the cuddles. She felt comfortable with them and wanted to go with them.

Happily the couple agreed to take Amelia with them. Amelia felt independent in her new house and she started to purr and cuddle often. Amelia, who grew up on the streets has lived the happy life ever since.

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