A pregnant woman adopts a small kitten and the two have become closest friends

The closest friends, that will always be next to one another 

A six months pregnant woman Jordan Jeffcote decided to adopt a kitten when she was shopping for Jinx’s food. She saw kittens and fell in love with the little kitten, that was the last of the litter. No one seemed to be interested in him as he was black. Although the woman was expecting a baby she considered there was a place for another one and adopted Little into their family.

Jeffcote brought Little home and she have no idea how big influence he would have on her family at that time. Little and Jinx were close friends and Little met his closest friend when Jude was born.

“At first the cat sniffed the baby’s car seat when we took him home from the hospital. After smelling the baby Little went for her midday sleep. Little went to sleep into the car seat where we put the baby and remained there even after we removed the baby.”

And from that moment Jude and Little became the closest friends. Both have recently came to the family and still have many things to do, but they were a perfect match.

Jude is already tex months and they are very dedicated to one another with Little. Little didn’t want to be separated from Jude even for a moment and he is the most tolerant cat with his small brother.

“They do everything together, watch TV, go for walks, play fetch. Little is with Jude wherever he is. When the baby is sleeping he waits next to the room, waiting for him to play.”

Little is very attentive to Jude and is always next to him when he cries. He is very sweet and is always ready to offer love and cuddles to anyone who wants it, but of course the first is Jude.”

“When Jude starts to scream he immediately rushes there and purrs as if he is aware of his discomfort. When I’m bad he does the same to me. He is very attentive to me and always protects us and also when my husband approaches us he swats him, of course playfully. But he is so kind, that when my husband says “Ow” he immediately purrs as an apology.”

Jeffcote couldn’t have imagined, that she was adopting a closest friend of his future baby. And now the two grow up together and will always be next to one another.

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