When the cat gave birth to her two adorable kittens, they quickly found their forever homes, but the mother not yet

This adorable cat hasn’t found her forever home yet, but she has a carefree life.

Meet Coco Bean, a cute cat, who was found abandoned by a kind woman, who immediately took her to a vet centre.

It turned out that Coco was pregnant, and after some time, she gave birth to two cute kittens, who immediately found their forever homes, but the poor mother not yet.

But the life of the cutie became better, when a caring woman decided to take her home until she will be adopted.

They loved each other from the first day they met, and since then they share a strong bond. Coco mostly enjoys playing with many kinds of toys, and her human always organises different games for her to spend her time in an interesting way.

She also makes amazing hats for the cat, and shares her adorable photos on the Internet.

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