A man searched for hours through the rubbish to rescue leftover kittens

The rescued kittens, that hope to find new homes

Cliff A local resident of Springfield didn’t think long when he heard a weak meow from huge trash. He took his sleeves and started digging the kittens out from beneath the construction debris leaned on them.

Cliff understood he had to do extreme actions when he heard weak cat whimpers under heavy wood pieces.

As he took heavy planks he found the cat wasn’t alone, and he continued to work with an anger.

Cliff told, that someone left the kittens in the trash and placed big pieces if wood on top. Although it took him many hours to rescue the kittens, the man didn’t give up.

So Cliff was able to get six kittens out of the trash. Sadly, one of them didn’t survive, but the others were alive and meowing loudly.

A charity took care of the kittens.

The saved babies turned out to be very small, with just recently opened eyes. They need care and attention al day long.

Staff of the shelter provided them with all the necessary conditions.

The babies even had a foster mother like Roxy, a street cat, who was also living in the shelter.

The rescued kittens are doing well.

They are excited in their new home.

And they hope to find new homes like other saved animals.

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