Grandpa and the cat teach sweet baby bathing lessons

A smart grandfather and the cat will be the best friends of the baby

Vinh Quang, his wife and his father saved a small kitten from the streets of Vietnam.

And from the moment Lac Lac became the new family baby. But all of that is about to change.

Quang and his wife are expecting their first child.

As it’s a new thing for them, Quang’s father and Lac Lac are making sure the soon to he parents aren’t unprepared.

One day grandpa and Lac Lac decided to teach Quang and his wife how to bath their upcoming baby and Lac Lac played the role of a baby.

“I’m sure he had a good time. They have very good relationships. My father looked after me and my sister when we were little, so he knows everything very well.” told Quang.

When the baby comes, the house will be very active place. But until then it’s all about Lac Lac.

Although Quang and his wife are expecting their first baby, they consider themselves genuine parents.

“Lac Lac is our little boy.” told Quang, adding, that he will be happy to introduce his father and Lac Lac to his baby.

“I’m really fortunate they will be at my baby’s side. My father is a very smart and comprehensive person, he will tech my son useful life lessons and Lac Lac will help the baby love all the living things.”

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