The woman complained on the Internet, that the cat stole her husband

A cat, that wants to make sure his owner is always by his side 

A Thai woman named Nasreen Hami is married and also has a cat. The family became well known by sharing photos of their family on the Internet. And their cat is a bad owner.

Nasreen Hami kicked on the Internet, that her husband was stolen by a cat.

Hundreds of people liked the photos shared on the Internet, which was immediately spread over the Internet.

A cat named Jarvis is a Scotsman with lop ears.

Jarvis is no longer a baby as he is already six years old.

The cat just eats cat food and never tried anything else.

“Jarvis is a sweet pet. He likes to sleep, looks at the birds outside the window and especially likes playing with my husband.” told Nasrin.

“My husband and the cat have a special connection and it’s very important for him to be next to him.”

If a man goes to the kitchen, Jarvis follows him, even if he doesn’t want to eat.

When Nasrin’s husband starts eating, Jarvis sits next to him and puts his paws on the man. Let people know that this is his owner.

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