The blind kitten got into the sewer and continued to meow unwitting to give up

Kind people rescued the small kitten and gave her a warm home

Nikki Martinez has been saving animals from the streets for a long time. She talks with activists who work to collect and neuter homeless cats and kittens. Nikki had a special day, when he saved a kitten got into a sewer.

It’s all began when Nikki and her coworker Leslie were walking down the street and heard a little meow. Nikki decided to help the kitten, as she understood the sound was coming from the hatch.

The girl started to descend with gloves and shivered after seeing many insects buzzing in the hatch. She was happy, that the kitten was meowing all the time didn’t allowing her to hunt for a long time.

Nikki was amazed to discover three kittens there. Unfortunately two of them passed away and only the third one was able to fight for her life.

The friends later found, that the kitten has a mother and were really happy, as there wasn’t a better thing than mother’s milk.

Nikki brought the little family home and placed them in a new, calm room away from the rest of the house.

The cat’s name was Sue and the kitten’s name was Tiny Leslie. They both we’re comfortable in their own homes and are struggling with things such as growing or schooling.

Little Leslie soon opened her eyes and saw her beloved mother and felt the warmth that surrounded her. The kitten started to gain weight, enjoy healthy and normal life.

We hope she will continue to develop as she deserves.

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