The blind cat seemed to understand that it was a holiday organized just for him and enjoyed every minute

The blind cat who barely survived is now celebrating one year of his rescue.

Once a caring family found a helpless blind cat and without thinking a lot, rescued him and gave him a great chance to have his own forever home.

The family had 5 other cats, but they didn’t care about it, and one more cat would be an interesting addition to their large family.

They gave the kitten much love and attention and provided him with everything he needed.

They named the baby YoYo, whose arrival in their family was a big happiness for the members. They all were so happy to have such a cute and funny pet in their house.

After one year of the cat’s rescue, the family decided to organise a holiday for him. It seemed that YoYo understood that everything was organised just for him and was trying to enjoy every moment.

They caught the scene on camera and posted it on social media attracting thousands of people from all over the world.

This blind cat is the happiest in the world!

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