What an unbelievable story! A woman makes up her mind to marry a dog

Some eyebrows were surprised Tuesday morning after the wedding of a woman marrying her dog.

Alison Hammond tried to keep a direct face during her marriage, while Elizabeth Hodd married her gold-colored retriever Logan, leaving the men after four miscarried engagements.

Definitely, she is not the first to announce that she will marry something non-human. Not so long ago, a woman announced that she was prepared to marry a torchbearer.

And let’s remember that the man married the pillow.

Here’s something that you need to know…

Is it lawful to marry an animal?

Marriage between a human and an animal is not properly noted in national laws, which means there is practically nothing to cease you from having a sacred marriage with your dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, or any kind you like.

Nevertheless, the act of petting – sexual acts with an animal – is unlawful in a number of countries, such as in the UK, where you can face up to two years in prison for doing so.

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Also note that such a marriage would be spiritual as well as symbolic, not lawfully binding.

Is it lawful to marry a lifeless thing?

Again, there are no proper laws in this regard, since it is impossible to officially marry a lifeless thing.

– while this doesn’t stop people from enjoying marital elation with such things (and in some cases spectacles), many of these people identify as object sexual, someone who is attracted to lifeless things.

Nevertheless, Amanda Liberty, who uncovered that she plans to tie the knot with her lover Lumiere not so long ago, explained that she identifies as bisexual and hopes the ceremony will help legitimize it.

Amanda, who also placed her trophy near the Statue of Liberty, even converting her last name to reflect this, said: the last one.

Other weddings like this involve that of San Diego native-born Carol Santa Fe, who “married” at the Santa Fe railroad station in 2017, and Erica Eiffel, who notoriously tied the knot at the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2007.

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