A homeless cat develops the cutest personality after meeting his future owners

A kind and gentle cat, that was once a stray 

A homeless cat named Orange Boy or shortly OB, has spent all his life on the streets. He didn’t have the fortune to be adopted, although he was very kind and polite to people who passes by. And he didn’t understand, that luck will come his way soon.

Lynne Gramer was the one, who rescued Orange Boy. Lynne works as a volunteer for a non profit organisation that helps homeless snd abandoned cats. She fed it and took it to the middle the instant she saw it.

In the beginning he was a little wild. He was aggressive with anyone, who got too close and refused to let anyone touch him. Lynne was told to return him back to the wild. She let him go, but continued to feed OB every day.

And one day OB started to become closer and closer to her. He was meowing for attention as he brushed on Lynne’s leg. All of his wild actions had gone. So after this she decided to foster OB. Orange Boy changed after being surrounded by people.

It was difficult to think Orange Cat was a homeless one after a fee months. He isn’t wild, he is kind, polite cat that only wants to be petted.

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