What could be greater? The love between a gold-colored retriever and his tiny bunnies 

Animal affection knows no bounds.

Who would have imagined that golden retrievers and rabbits are able to become real fellows? No, more than that, they became a family.

Who would have imagined that 22-day-old bunnies could find a new family in Bailey, a golden retriever? Animal affection knows no bounds.

What could be more wonderful than following a gold-colored retriever looking after 22-day-old bunnies? That’s right, just look at how the bunnies sleep beautifully on the dog.

Isn’t it great to follow tiny bunnies sleeping on a cute golden retriever? Gold-colored Retriever Bailey has become a new family for these bunnies.

After the 22-day-old bunnies were saved from fleas, they discovered the ideal home for them and an amazing golden retriever fellow whose name is Bailey.

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