The cat’s reaction to her former owner in the nursing house is incredible

The cat, that missed her owner a lot 

Tony had a beautiful cat named Chicken Little. She loved her human father, but Tony had a stroke and was sent to an ICU unit at a hospital.

This meant, that he wouldn’t be able to take care for his cat. Although he adored the cat, he understood he must have to find a new home for her.

Tony’s neighbours also cared for Chicken Little and they also started to find home for her.

Amanda was waiting to become the catMs foster mother and she took Little in. She immediately fell in love with her and adopted her after a few days.

Tony was transferred from the ICU to a nursing house, where he could get the care and help he needed, while Chicken Little went to her mew house.

Chicken little loved Amanda, but she missed Tony strongly, so she decided to take the cat to visit Tony in the nursing house. She understands, that Tony referred to her as his Little Angel, so Amanda left the nickname Chicken Little for her.

Both of them were really happy to be together once more.

Amanda hopes, that these visits will become continuous, and they will see each other once or twice a month. Let’s hope so.

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