The train’s brave personnel saved a lynx that had frozen to the rails minutes before the train passed 

These kind-hearted people eventually manage to free the miserable creature.

 A feral lynx has found himself in a very difficult state after his back legs were frozen to death on railroad tracks in British Columbia. Happily, the unprotected animal got a second opportunity due to a train personnel who saved him in time.

But it was not easy salvation, although since the train was supposed to pass in a matter of minutes, it was quite hard to reach the scared animal.

It was a normal working day for Coby Reed, who works as a railroad checker, and his colleagues. It was quite early in the morning as soon as the crew began to check the track as part of their working day.

The personnel must ensure that there are no issues on the way. Only this time it wasn’t like that. As they neared the Columbia River, they spotted that something was stuck on the cables.

As the carriage approached, the men realized it was a lynx. Coby and his crew in the beginning thought that the feral cat did not have a desire to leave because he had a good breakfast, and what was left of him (possibly a captured duck) was in front of him.

But they soon understood that the lynx was not able not leave. Because of the extreme frost, his paws got stuck in the tracks.

With less than half an hour until the next train, the personnel knew they needed to act rapidly if they were to save the helpless lynx. So, they made a decision to carefully approach the animal, cover his head with one of their jackets, and after that, release him.

But the salvation turned out to be much more stressful than they considered, as the lynx got scared as soon as the crew came close to him and behaved far from well. Nonetheless, loyal people eventually manage to free the miserable creature.

“We went up to him first and were planning to cover him,” Coby told Radio West. “He surely wasn’t the charming cat you see in the footage.”

The personnel even recorded the salvation operation on camera, with Coby later posting the news on Facebook. “Rescued this tiny creature today, he was enjoying breakfast (duck) and got stuck on the tracks,” she wrote. “We got hot water and set him free.”


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