This cat was thought to be “very ugly” to be adopted

An unusual cat, that was considered to be ugly

Romeo wasn’t born with usual appearance. Instead, he was born with a deformity, that made him unusual.

And only a few people noticed it. The kitten was a homeless one, living on the streets os southern Spain, and it was possible, that he depart the world as unknown, as he was born.

It was like this until Laura Llácer found him. She was just walking the street when she noticed the poor animal and decided to take it, unlike many others.

All of Romeo’s siblings had already found a home, but Romeo was considered too ugly to be adopted.

Laura told: “We were amazed, that people don’t understand his uniqueness.”

Llácer fell in love with the amazing cat, that was alone because of his appearance.

And Romeo got a home in a refuge with other saved animals.

Romeo isn’t alone now, she has become his best friend.

And he would also have many other friends.

“Romeo is very affectionate and behaves in a unique way. He’s a cat, but there’s something unusual, that shows his uniqueness.”

“Although he has a deformity, but that makes him different of all.”

You can also help many homeless animals like Romeo by just assisting the Santuario Compassion Animal.

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