Two cats, that are inseparable waited at the door to be adopted

The cute mothers, that raise their eight kittens together 

The cats named Xeno and Ripley so everything together: they eat, sleep, play and even raise their eight kittens together.

A volunteer from the shelter told, that they’re inseparable.

It was in September when they were saved and  bought to the shelter by a volunteer.

The two mothers were placed in a bug room with many toys and comfortable beddings, and their little family is doing well.

The cat’s know, that having a large family is a two parent job.

“Their kittens needed a few more weeks to grow up and we put them together. They are amazing parents. All the eight kittens might be feeding from either mom.”

The two cats are so close, that it’s almost impossible to identify which kitten belongs to whom. And they enjoy it.

When the two caring mother’s aren’t with their kittens, they may be seen standing at a window to meet any adoptive family.

“They liked looking at the hallway through the glass. And also they like attention and people.”

The shelter wants to find a family for both Xeno and Ripley, who will love and care for them.

The shelter staff can see, that they are inseparable and are ready to give love and affection to their future homes.

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