It’s very touching to see this place where elephants can live a free as well as loving life

The breathtaking clip of elephants battling in the river attracts viewers from all over the world.

The clip shows another elephant crossing the river to interfere. It turns into a scene that the audience can’t get enough of.

At first, it’s not an easy matter to understand whether the elephants are battling or just playing. One thing is obvious, this is not a place where a person would like to be between them. They wrestle, push as well as grab with their bodies.

Another elephant passes the river in order to interfere before the elephants injure each other. Only then do the audience understand that the two battling animals are much tinier than the “arbiter” who comes to break up the battle.

The mother of two siblings arrives to sort things out as well as stop the noise. Viewers presently understand that it was just a wrestling game, and then the clip shows viewers what the rest of the elephants do next.

An entire group of elephants stands on the banks of the river in front of a fascinating lush green wood. They are energetic and frolic, enjoying the freedom and a wonderful atmosphere with delight.

Some elephants push each other, while others roll down the mud. They ride in the mud making pleasant sounds at the same time. This elephant group knows how to spend a great time.

The audience is interested in this joyful scene. One viewer commented, “It’s very touching to see this place where elephants can live a free as well as loving life.” There is something when they play that warms the hearts of the audience.

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