A cat was stuck between a window and a screen by accident

An adventurous cat, that likes to do everything possible in her leisure time 

A cat named Wednesday is a calm, cute creature, but she’s also a little adventurous. She is popular for knocking things off the surfaces, drinking water from cups, and climbing window screens. And one day she decided to climb up with a new method.

Wednesday’s owner Jess Koki was in her backyard when she saw her cat, that was stuck between a window and a screen.

“He had never done something before. I thought I couldn’t love him anymore.”

While Koki was amazed by what she saw, Wednesday seemed to be not upset or discomforted by that. She seemed to be really comfortable. And than Koki understood, that Wednesday wasn’t stuck there. She could freely move and get out when she wanted.

“It seemed, that she got stuck. But when I turned off the camera she quickly got out and wanted to go deeper. So I went and freed her before she got really stuck.”

And now Wednesday finds it funny to climb into the window and the screen, as she thinks it is the best leisure time activity.

Wednesday will do other extraordinary things when she gets tired of climbing on the windows or screens, and her mother won’t be amazed anymore. And Wednesday does that.

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