A generous man saved abandoned kitten at playground

A cute kitten immediately bonded with the man’s other cat

There are many generous people in the world, that are ready to change the life of an abandoned animals.

When a man found the little kitten in his local playground he understood, that the kitten needed help.

The playground was just next to the busy highway, that is a very dangerous place for a lonely little kitten. He understood, that many people had already noticed him and just passed by.

When a man named Brad noticed the kitten he knew he had to do something to help him. He couldn’t left the kitten behind being all alone there.

It wasn’t easy to catch a kitten, that isn’t used to humans, so he went home to bring food and water. And he continued for several days until he could gain her trust.

The small kitten was happy to be rescued.

And Brad took her home, where she immediately made friends with his other cat named Tom, who looked after her as if she were his own.

Tom petted her, groomed her and did everything the mother cat was doing.

At first Brad thought he would find a loving family for her, but after seeing their connection he regretted. He named the kitten April and now she has grown into a happy and adorable cat.

Just look at a video:

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