A cat protects a crying dog from a vet, that wants to vaccinate him

A sweet cat, that rescued a dog, that was crying for a vaccination 

A sweet video became popular on the Internet, where a cat tried to protect the dog from the vet. The animal thought he would hurt him and protected him with its claws.

People, that have pets know, that the biggest fear of our animals is going to a vet. Here differences of species are forgotten and all animals tried to protect each other. This cute cat showed it, being like a cat superhero, protected a dog from the vet, when he wanted to vaccinate him.

The vet was amazed by the cat’s reaction. He examined his leg as it was causing him some distress when he was moving it.

We understand how vaccines are important for our cats, as they prevent from different diseases, and also we knew how stressful it is for our pets. And it became much stressful for them if they hear another animal crying in the other room.

And it was such a moment when a cat decided to attack a vet, that was trying to vaccinate the poor dog. He had been observing the situation before the attack. The vet wasn’t worried at all, he was simply amazed. He only examined his leg, as the little animal caused a blow.

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