When the rescuers saw the dog they had been looking for, they could not hold back their tears

The terrible condition of the abandoned dog touched the rescuers.

When Feed Friends saw the post of an abandoned dog wandering on the streets on Facebook, they began to search for him without hesitation. The poor animal had a rope around his neck, because of which he got many skin problems.

After some days, they managed to find him far from the previous location. Because the cutie’s condition was terrible, the rescuers acted very quickly.

After looking at his awful appearance, the rescuers couldn’t keep their tears and got excited by the dog’s condition. The collar around his neck caused many wounds and problems on his skin. It’s really awful that owners abandon their pets with such collars without thinking about the consequences.

When they took the rope off, the poor dog’s face got a happy expression, and it was obvious he felt protected and safe.

Day by day the cutie became stronger and healthier and thanks to the great efforts of his foster family, he received everything he needed. Now he is loved and feels great.

He is in recovery process and becomes better day by day. The baby enjoys playing, running and having fun with other dogs. It’s so nice! He is so happy!

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