After discovering their kitty’s crime the family decided to change things for the better

The thievery of the kitten was discovered and now he has a bad reputation 

People, who want to know what the cat named Esme has been doing these days mustn’t look far for the answer. Her family made it clear:

Not in a good way.

Esme is a cute cat, who loves pets and also napping in the afternoons. But she has also a non preferable character. Esme turned out to be a thief.

A photo of a sign placed outside Esme’s house, warning the neighbours of her thievery became popular on the Internet.

There was a clothesline next to the sign, where was Esme’s stolen things in search of their owners.

Esme really liked gloves.

It’s unknown when Esme’s crime began or how long it’s been going on, but Esme’s family is trying to change things for better.

With the help of the sign one of the victims of Esme was able to feel complete.

And for Esme’s good reputation, it will take a long to be regained.

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