The rescuers were touched by the reaction of a sick dog meeting his beloved friend after a long break

The rescued dogs were so excited to see each other again.

When Samantha Zimmer and George Dix saw a photo of two helpless dogs on social media, they decided to save them.
One of them was in an awful condition: he was beaten by a car.

They hurried to find the boys, and after a short time they reached to the scene. Corey, the little one, was falling on the ground and was defenseless.

After taking the cutie, the couple hurried to save the second one, Matthew, who was in a ditch. Fortunately, they managed to take him out of it safely. The poor dog began to wag his tail to show his happiness. Matthew realised he was being saved and expressed his gratitude in that way. The rescuers were so happy to find him alive, and they immediately took him with them.

The brave boys were taken to a vet clinic, where they got all the appropriate treatments.

The most exciting thing was their meeting: The scene of the two best friends seeing each other after a long break touched everyone. They began to wag their tails and approached to each other to be closer. It was a heartbreaking moment and the vets were so happy to see the two friends were reunited again.

Although they both are now safe and feel great, Matthew is in recovery process and needs to be in the centre of the vets’ attention.

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