Mommy dog and her 15 pups were abandoned and lived on the street, but a man met them and changed their lives

The meeting with Alaa became fatal for the mother dog and her 15 babies.

Alaa, a guy, who is known as Syria’s ‘cat man of Aleppo’ in the world, who saved animals during the war in Siria, recently rescued a big canine family, and became a hero once more.

He never leaves defenseless animals alone and devotes his whole life to saving dogs and cats. The man is now focused on discovering new helpless animals and rescuing them from danger.

Recently, when he was driving his vehicle, noticed a poor canine family in the middle of a field, who were searching for some food. When the man approached them, he saw a mommy dog and her 15 puppies in need and there’s no need to say that he helped them immediately.

Now the man is preparing a comfortable place for the dog’s family in the sanctuary where he works. He feeds and takes care about them each day. He does his best to provide them with everything they need.

Alee is very careful about each helpless creature and never ignores them, on the contrary, he is even ready to put his life in danger for saving them.

Lucky mother dog! She is so grateful to her rescuer, who gave her family the second chance at life.

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