A dog, that was afraid of being touched now loves being pet

A poor dog, that got used to being pet again

A poor puppy, that was once scared of touches is now learning from the beginning to feel the love of a loving hand.

The little dog named Kayne stole everyone’s heart around the world after Monica Mitreanu posted his video in an animal shelter. It was obvious, that he was abused a lot before and he got extremely scared by the fact of being petted.

The touching video has been seen millions of times, making Kayne the icon for horrors of animal abuse. But his story doesn’t finish there.

At first it wasn’t obvious what happened to Kayne. But thanks to an animal rescuer Kerry Wollacott, it was clear, that Kayne was transformed.

Than the video was shared, where it was shown, that the puppy id happy being petted.

And also Kayne was adopted by a loving family from UK.

“All of you remember the poor puppy crying, now he’s just came from the vet after having his vaccinations to leave Romania to start a new life in the UK.”

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