A photographer shows, that foxes are really loving animals

Foxes are known to be greedy, and nasty animals, but they are very affectionate 

A Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond captures adorable moments of wild foxes.

This year she gave an interview about how amazing and loving foxes are, although there’s a well known belief, that they are nasty and insidious creatures.

“There’s no other animal in the world, that demonstrates so much love as foxes do. I am sure of that, because I know foxes very well. But the main point is love. Foxy love is more pure.”

“Foxes are famous as being nasty, intelligent dummy, insidious animals, and even I believed in it, when I was a child, reading the well-known fairy tales. I thought so, until I started to learn about them and found out, that affection must be their second name.”

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