«What if stars met their younger selves»: Fascinating photos showing stars with their younger selves

What would it look like if stars met themselves in youth?: Photos created by AI 🧐🤗

These incredible photos were created by a digital artist named A. Gelink whose fantastic work is widely acknowledged and highly praised by everyone. The artist showed what stars would look like next to their younger selves.

What if Grande met herself in her teenage years before she rose to fame and recognition!

Gaga posing next to her younger self! This is how one can change over time!

B. Spears with her younger self who already achieved tremendous success and fame in the industry.

Little T. Swift is someone far not everyone has ever seen. How cute she looked then!

This is what J. Jackson has changed since her teen years!

The same thing can be said about M. Carey whose significant contribution to the music industry can hardly be overestimated.

Here is W. Houston whose beauty and charm are unfading and timeless.

B. Eilish then and now! Has she changed a lot?

The photo shows the outstanding singer before and after her incredible transformation.

Here is A. Winehouse whose distinguished style and charisma never let people stay indifferent.

This is how Pink started her drizzling career.

Legendary Madonna poses with her younger self. How interesting!

What if T. Turner met her younger self and posed next to her!

Beyonce in youth and today

Did you recognize Cher? Her dazzling beauty is the same.

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