«Heavenly beautiful Lana is now unrecognizable!»: The way Del Rey has changed will surprise everyone

Rounded Lana’s paparazzi photos on the beach left the singer’s fans speechless 😱😳

It stands to reason that the appearance of celebrities on social media and in real life differs a great deal. The Celebrities look far not the same on the red carpet with full makeup and styling as they do in casual clothes and with no preparation.

It is worth mentioning that the life of one of today’s most outstanding and talented singers never ceased to be the center of everyone’s attention. Recently, photographers were fortunate enough to capture the performer on the beach.

Her stylish beige one-piece bodysuit perfectly emphasized her rounded forms. Her huge earrings became the final touch to the star’s image. Previously, the singer was engaged to E. Winicker, yet their relationship ended in breakup in March.

Lana’s changed appearance never ceases to leave the fans speechless. Paparazzi never miss a chance to catch her whenever she is sure she is not being watched.


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