«From Chasity to Chaz!»: Legendary Cher’s heiress became a man and changed her name to Chaz

Looking at Cher’s 52-year-old son, it is hard to believe that he was born a girl 🤔🧐

No one, perhaps, will ask who this woman is since her name is well-known across the world and her irreplaceable role in the industry can hardly be overestimated. Her eldest son is 52-year-old Chaz.

Only a few know that her eldest heir was actually born a girl. It was only later that she could change her name and everything to become a man whose body was closer to her. So from Chasity she became Chaz.

Looking at his pictures now one may hardly believe that he was actually born a girl and only later determined to become a man. It is hard to imagine that he once used to be a pretty girl.

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