«No one was ready for this!»: Ratajkowski showed herself in a tiny bikini and left no room for imagination

Towards Ratajkowski’s appetizing bikini body no man can stay indifferent 😍

The model posed in a tiny bikini taking a spicy pose. She shared a beach photo shoot from sunny Rio De Janeiro and showcased her amazing body in a bikini promoting the new swimsuit line from Inamorata and Mirror Pals.

Her fashionable swimsuit with silver chains barely covered her breasts and emphasized her appetizing curves. Posting her behind-the-scenes images, she captioned them «I’m so happy to see y’all in these items».

She showcased the new collection in white and red images. One person even commented that all the swimsuits were sold in just 10 minutes.

The popular and successful model then expressed her gratitude for working with this collection considering it a great opportunity.

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