«His new weird cheekbones are unpleasant»: Liam Payne recently made an appearance after a long absence   

Fans were surprised to see the singer’s new look 😱😳

Everyone knows the famous boy band One Direction, but few people know what its members do now. Harry Styles continues to run an active life and is focused on his successful career, Zayn Malik is always in the center of public eye, but Liam Payne makes a rare appearance in public, which deeply concerns his fans.

Recently, his appearance at the premiere of the film «All Of Those Voices» made a splash among his fans, because the singer seemed transformed.

His new odd cheekbones are criticized on social media, because it gives him an older and aged look.

On the internet his new appearance has been discussed actively. Many people liked it, claiming that it fits the singer a lot, while others expressed their dissatisfaction about his transformation.

The star himself spoke about his new look, explaining that he didn’t like his previous appearance, because he gained much weight. So he turned to plastic surgeons and is pleased with the result.

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