The blonde of «Moonlighting» became a tomboy!: The way Cybil Shephard has changed raised questions

The 90s’ iconic blonde has become unrecognizable and disappointed the fans 😱😳

C. Shephard used to be one of Hollywood’s most iconic blondies who won millions of male hearts with her attractiveness and charisma. Initially, she started her career as a model when she was still a high school girl.

Her brilliant participation in the popular TV series «Moonlighting» alongside B. Willis brought her fame. They both immediately developed a special bond and the chemistry between them was clearly visible even from the screen.

What concerns her personal life, she had two marriages both of which ended in divorce. However, in her acting career she achieved tremendous success.

Paparazzi have recently been lucky enough to catch her in public. The way she has changed in recent years left everyone speechless. Some believe that her radically changed appearance may be conditioned by the pandemic and age.

Compared to her former appearance in youth, she is now totally unrecognizable and already creased to look like herself.

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