«Only a blind man could cheat on her!»: Shakira’s bikini body is a dream for young girls

Pique will have some regrets when he sees Shakira’s beach photo shoot in a bikini 😳🧐

Everyone probably knows the scandalous divorce of this couple, the topic that became the subject of discussions on the network.

The iconic singer’s photos led the fans to come to the conclusion that Pique will soon have some regrets about seeing what a hottie he left.

In her song the part «I surpassed you, so you found your equal» says everything itself. It is rather difficult to believe that being in 40s and having two kids don’t prevent her from looking like a goddess.

«Only a blind man could leave such a hottie!», «This is what a heartbroken woman is ready for!», «I can’t understand what a man needs besides a beautiful and intelligent woman!».

«She has a body of a 20-year-old girl!», «Pique already regrets cheating on her!», «She looks beautiful at any time and in any place!», «My heart belongs to this woman».

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