«One of the 90s’ icon is unrecognizable!»: The way one of the legendary models has changed caused a stir

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw how the iconic model has changed 😳🧐

The way one of the beloved icons of the 1990s has changed in recent years became the subject of heated discussions. Her incredible transformation let no single one stay indifferent. She used to be one of the highest-paid and most desirable models.

Unlike many of her co-stars and colleagues from the 90s, she embraces natural aging and strongly refuses to undergo surgeries and beauty procedures. She is for natural beauty with her two hands and this is what she looks like today.

Her fatigued look, unsuccessful makeup and, maybe, wrong angles did their job and the paparazzi photos hardly let anyone stay indifferent.

She is among the show business celebrities who encourage millions to accept their bodies the way they are. Her message to all women definitely deserves our special attention.

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