«The hottest star in the industry is not the same!»: The way Pamela Anderson has changed astonished everyone

Anderson with a double chin, wrinkled face and big tummy left the fans speechless 😳😱

One of the iconic stars of «Baywatch» has recently been caught with her new husband at a café. The 56-year-old celebrity has married D. Hayhurst who is 13 years younger than her.

For a relatively long time since their wedding Anderson had been trying to keep him away from the public eyes. But the paparazzi didn’t miss the chance and captured the man.

Anderson’s noticeably aged appearance astonished all the fans. She probably had no makeup and let her hair down.

Many were surprised realizing that she has had a number of surgeries and beauty procedures, yet still looked aged and had lots of wrinkles. She had a big belly and thick thighs.

The netizens advised her to be engaged in physical exercises and keep herself fit and healthy since compared to many other stars she looks noticeably older and unkempt.

However, the star shared that she could still fit into the swimsuit from «Baywatch» and was proud of it.

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