«If aging, then only in this way!»: Paparazzi photos of 47-year-old Theron from vacation came as a big surprise

Fans were not ready to see what Theron looked like with no filters and retouching 😳🤔

This famous, enormously successful and talented actress and model is currently enjoying her well-deserved vacation with her mom and children. Many hold the opinion that she manages to maintain her charm over time and still looks amazing.

She is believed to still be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. However, the recent paparazzi photos with no filters and retouching surprised the fans.

Theron shares that the key to her good look lies in her hard work. She does exercises and takes long runs on a regular basis. Also, she runs with her mother several times a week.

Most of the fans were pleasantly surprised by her appearance claiming that she looked stunning for her age, yet there were also some who rushed to criticize her.

It is worth mentioning that the former model adopted her son Jackson from South Africa in 2012. He initially behaved in a normal way, yet when his mother adopted a girl, he started wearing dresses.

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