«Discharged from hospital»: Madonna was seen for the first time after doctors diagnosed her with an infection

Paparazzi caught the Queen of Pop for the first time after she registered from hospital 🤔🧐

It was the very first time the Queen of Pop was caught in public by paparazzi. She was leisurely walking with her friend. It is worth mentioning that the video was shared by a blogger named L. Conlin on social media.

She was caught in shorts, running shoes, a hat and a stylish T-shirt.

For those who don’t know, she was found unconscious in her house and was urgently taken to hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with a serious bacterial infection. Fortunately, she was soon discharged.

It should be mentioned that she had been preparing for the forthcoming tour for months which, according to many, resulted in such complications.

It included 84 performances and was to be launched on July 15. However, because of such serious problems it had to be delayed indirectly.

Some are convinced that her hard work resulted in such complications. It was known that she was administered Narcan which is a medication used in drug overdoses.

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