«The biggest newborn in history!»: This is how the baby born with a weight of 7 kilos looks and lives now

The world was left speechless in 1983 by the arrival of a baby weighing 7.2 kilos 😳🧐

Here is Kevin whose incredible story left the world speechless. He officially became the biggest infant the world had ever known at that time. The parents predicted that the baby was going to be big, but, of course, not weigh 7 kilos.

When the family members brought him home, none of them knew what to do despite the fact that they had other kids as well. All the clothes that they bought beforehand were extremely small and didn’t fit him.

At the age of 12, he was the tallest in the group and weighed about 150 pounds. He still recalls that buying appropriate clothes was, probably, the hardest part in his upbringing. He was growing up at an unsustainable rate and often needed new clothes.

Due to his height, everyone was more than sure that he would achieve great success in basketball. However, he didn’t take an interest in it.

He then joined the American Air Force and worked at the police station. Though he is already 39, he still is the center of attention. Everyone is amazed by his incredible height.

What concerns his personal life, he found his new love and now lives with her and their doggie in their mansion in a quiet place.

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