«The Barbie-like girl has grown up!»: This is how the girl with the most beautiful features looks and lives years later

The world’s most beautiful girl has grown up and got even prettier over time 🥹😍

This Slavic beauty gained world fame, popularity and recognition in the industry. Her gorgeous blond hair, fair skin and sky-blue eyes captivated absolutely everyone.

The little girl has matured enough and gained even more charm and femininity. From a little cutie, she has become a stunning lady. Hardly anyone can stay indifferent and not fall in love with this little cutie.

She takes a great interest in rhythmic gymnastics and dancing. Many are more than sure that she will conquer the big world of modeling in the near future.

The fact that she fully immersed herself into modeling sometimes missing even lessons scares the fans who believe that she doesn’t enjoy her carefree years..

Nastya has already worked with such prestigious brands as Vogue, Armani and Harper’s Bazaar. Since her early ages, she has drawn everyone’s special attention.

However surprising it may seem, she has brilliantly acted in such films as «Insomnia», «Milky Way» and «After You».

She does everything to balance her studies with work and career trying to catch up with her peers. Despite her popularity, she takes an attempt to live a life of an ordinary teenager.

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