«A legless girl became an Olympic medalist!»: This is how the girl abandoned by her parents looks and lives today

The baby born without legs and abandoned by her parents has become a medalist 🙂🥹

There are people out there who prove to the entire world that no difficulty, challenge and hardship can prevent them from finding happiness and living the best life. One of such person is, of course, Jennifer Bricker, who, unluckily, was born with no legs.

The family heartlessly abandoned the baby having no idea what to do with her. But fortunately, one family from Illinois adopted the poor child and was not afraid of all the possible difficulties and complications.

Sharon and Gerald became her parents. What is more, prosthetic legs were made to make the little girl’s life complete. Initially, she started to learn to walk on her hands and hips. Jennifer fully enjoyed basketball and volleyball.

Gradually, she took a great interest in aerial gymnastics being inspired by gold medalist Dominica Mochanu. She sincerely admired the gymnastics and even started to learn it on her own after her parents encouraged her.

However surprising it might seem, she started participating in the Youth Olympics at the age of 10. It was still Mochanu who continuously inspired her to be the girl’s main idol.

Then it was found out that Mochanu is Jen’s real name and Dominica was her sister. Later, she got in touch with her and they became close friends.

Later, they moved from Romania to the States for better career opportunities. The girl created her own YouTube channel. Dominica was truly proud of her sister who then delivered lectures throughout the world.

She is the prime example of how one can achieve their goals, realize cherished dreams and become world-famous despite having some restrictions and lack of opportunities.

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