«Why he needs a girl at this age?»: Al Pacino, 81, was photographed with his new 28-year-old lover  

Wonder what they have in common! 🧐🤔

Al Pacino, who is already 81, enjoys his life in the way he wants. Recently the paparazzi captured him walking with 28-year-old Nur Alfallah. They looked happy and satisfied together.

It’s known that Nur Alfallah had two partners in the past, Mick Jagger and Clint Eastwood.

Their photo caused great discussion among netizens. They were surprised to see Al Pacino with such a young girl. Under the photo Internet users expressed their surprise, writing that they cannot understand why he needs a partner at this age.

Opinions were different: many people were just shocked by their bond, while others appreciated their love despite their big age difference.

Now it’s your turn to express your opinion about the couple. What do you think about them?

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