«How miserable he looks!»: Matt LeBlanc has changed beyond recognition  

Here’s how your beloved actor from the movie «Friends» has transformed  🧐🤔

Matt LeBlanc who was once a handsome guy and could win any woman’s heart with his appearance, has changed beyond recognition. He became famous after his successful role in the movie Friends.

Now the actor is 55 years old, but looks older and aged. He looks in this way because of stress. He had many difficulties not only in his career, but also in his personal life.

His child from Melissa McKnight suffered from epileptic seizures. The parents went through many difficulties to bring the baby back to life.

The actor was depressed, which affected his appearance. In addition, he cheated on his wife, but even a public apology did not save their family.

Now the man lives with his daughter Marina in West Los Angeles. Despite negative comments about his transformation, he got a lot of nice words from his loyal fans.

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