«Cellulite on thighs and swollen veins!»: Everyone’s favorite Pretty Woman disappointed the fans with her look

The fans can hardly believe that this aged woman with cellulite is iconic Roberts 😱😳

Believe it or not, our favorite actress is already 54. She is currently enjoying her well-deserved vacation on the beach. Paparazzi never miss a chance to film her since she never ceases to attract the public’s attention.

The paparazzi photos went viral and many expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment. Some even found it hard to recognize the Pretty Woman. Meanwhile, her fans started to support her accusing the paparazzi of choosing wrong angles.

Some are more than sure that the Hollywood diva gained weight since she appeared with a rounded belly and big hips.

«I can hardly recognize my favorite actress!», «Her appearance leaves a lot to be desired!», «Not the same beauty any more!».

The fans stood up for her criticizing those who left negative comments. They kept claiming that she looked amazing for her age and that the photographers did this on purpose.

The followers highlighted the fact that she was already 54 and had the absolute right to gain age-related changes and weight.

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