«Isn’t it illegal to look this hot at 60?»: Moore’s new pics in swimwear became the subject of discussions

The fans had to double-check Moore’s age when they saw her body in a tiny bikini 😱😍

When one says «ageless beauty», the first person that comes to our mind is, of course, D. Moore. She has never ceased to pleasantly surprise fans with her unfading beauty. Yet, it is no secret that she visits cosmetologists and beauticians.

The beauty procedures she undergoes result in her swollen cheeks and other changes that are visible even to the naked eye.

Moore is among the renowned celebrities who often shares her photos without editing and retouching them. Recently, she has delighted the fans with a summer pic where she showed her body in a bikini. Some noticed cellulite on her thighs.

Many compare her with today’s young stars concluding that she looks much better than the majority of them. It is worth mentioning that the star does physical exercises 2-3 hours a day.

She is a great lover of smoothies, fresh juices, fruit and vegetables and follows a strict diet.


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