«Only a blind man could cheat on her!»: Portman’s first appearance after the family scandal surprised everyone

Beautiful Portman appeared in public for the first time after her husband’s betrayal 🧐😍

The public appearance of N. Portman at the haute couture show shortly after the family scandal became the topic of everyone’s discussions. Her midi-summer dress with a delicate print gave her even more charm.

Her light makeup with smoky eyes and pink lip gloss suited her the best. She wore a cream-colored handbag and elegant sandals. The flowing gown perfectly emphasized her thin waist.

It is worth mentioning that Natalie has been a successful model for Dior for over a decade. Her husband is Benjamin Milpe who, believe it or not, has cheated on his wife with a youthful girl.

Initially, they separated, yet soon reunited for the sake of their kids. It is believed that the children saved their marriage.

For those who don’t know, the couple got engaged in 2010 and married two years later.


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