«Maybe she forgets her real age»: 53-year-old Helena Christensen’s new bold photoshoot was criticized by netizens

The model made a real splash among Instagram followers 😱😍

Some celebrities become more beautiful and pleasant with age. One of them is model Helena Christensen. Everyone is attracted by her charm and elegance.

The model started her career at the age of 9, and at the age of 18 she was already quite famous.

Now the beauty is already 53 and her recent photoshoot proved the fact once again, that she has become much more attractive over the years.

The model looks much younger than her real age, and who can imagine that she is more than 50? Even at this age she spreads joy and happiness around, captivating fans with her amazing appearance.

Although most of her fans liked her image for the photoshoot, there were some critics who argued that her bold look was inappropriate for her age and she should dress more modestly.

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