«She might have undergone a weight loss journey». Fans are worried about Ashley Graham’s transformation

What caused her to lose weight remains unclear to fans 🤔🧐

Ashley Graham brought new beauty standards with her, proving that each woman is beautiful in her own way and each one must accept herself as she is.

She became quite famous with her amazing appearance. She is one of the rare models, whose body doesn’t correspond to standards, but people happily accept her in this form.

In her recent photos fans spotted that the star has lost noticeable weight and began to actively discuss her transformation in the comments.

Many expressed their admiration for her new look, while others were deeply concerned about her weight loss, saying she might have health issues.

Recall that the model gave birth to twins last year, but it didn’t disturb her to maintain her stunning body. She continues to attract around with her charm and confidence.

Do you think that Graham has lost weight? Write your opinion in the comments.

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