«From a Barbie girl into a tomboy!»: The way the little girl with a doll appearance has changed raised questions

The cutie with a doll appearance has grown up and this is what she looks like now 🤔🧐

Everyone probably knows Ira who gained world fame with her doll-like look. Everything started when her parents shared the photos of the child on social media. The unique beauty of the 2-year-old girl impressed everyone.

People constantly compared her with a doll. However, some were of another opinion. They were convinced that her parents deprived her of carefree childhood years.

Instead of going to kindergarten and playing with her peers, she regularly took part in photo shoots at many modeling agencies.

Whereas over the years her unique beauty started to gradually fade away and she no longer resembled a Barbie. As she grew older, her appearance underwent noticeable changes. Yet, she was sometimes invited to photo shoots, anyway.

She ceased to entertain people and stun them with her extraordinary beauty and doll-like appearance. She became a totally ordinary girl and was no different from others.

Ira actively runs her Instagram account and periodically pleasantly surprises her followers who admire her no matter what.

She leads an ordinary life. It goes without saying that she has considerably changed since then.

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