«Skin and bones again!»: Drastically changed Angelina Jolie again made her fans worry about her

No one recognized the world’s most beautiful woman who again lost weight 😱🤔

Recently, one of the most successful actresses and the most beautiful woman on Earth has been caught with her 19-year-old son named Pax in New York. The star supports the boy to achieve success as an artist as he is trying to build a career as an artist.

The outstanding actress was dressed stylishly as always wearing a black dress and a beige trench coat. What concerns Pax, he was in black jeans, a white sweatshirt and yellow sneakers.

The extreme thinness of the movie star again made some of her fans worry about her. Many noticed that she lost weight probably because of stress and exhaustion.

It is noteworthy that the iconic woman now takes an interest in fashion and has even created her own fashion house.

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