«Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!»: Minogue’s recent casual look became the subject of discussions

The fans had mixed reactions when they saw 90s’ star Minogue in casual clothes 😳🤔

Unlike most of her colleagues and co-stars, this iconic and renowned 1990s’ star doesn’t seek attention at all costs. She leads a quiet way of life and doesn’t capture extra attention with catchy and outrageous outfits.

Her recent appearance in London, however, caused a stir. Many hadn’t seen her in casual clothes before and this became a big surprise for them. She gave her preference to white trousers, a beige coat, a baseball cap, a stylish white bag and sunglasses.

The majority of her fans couldn’t find words to express their delight. Yet, there were also those who found this look rather inappropriate and her legs too short.

How did you like her outfit? Share your opinion!

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